spike and oprah*It wasn’t that long ago that Spike Lee was hatin’ all up on Tyler Perry.

“I think there’s a lot of stuff out today that is coonery and buffoonery,” Lee said about Tyler Perry’s productions. “I see ads for ‘Meet the Browns’ and ‘House of Payne’ and I’m scratching my head. the image is troubling and it harkens back to Amos ‘n’ Andy.”

Well, that was then. These days Spike is singing the praises of Madea’s alter ego. Recently on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Lee mentioned that after a visit to Perry’s home the two seemed to be on the Same page:

“No we’re cool, we’re mad cool now,” says Lee. “He’s trying to make it that our differences are based on a social, economic level. He’s trying to say it’s because he’s from the South and I’m from the North.”