spike lee

*Dang, this is kind of weird.

Spike Lee is being sued because he was so pissed off with George Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin, he tweeted Zimmerman’s home address to his massive following of 240,000 people.

Only thing is, it was the wrong address. The address was actually to the home of an elderly Florida couple.


Now the couple says Lee’s error has placed their lives in danger and they are suing him for $15,000 in damages.

David and Elaine McClain claim in a new lawsuit that Lee was so filled with hate he got the wrong address and carelessly threw it up online … just days after the shooting.

But check this out. If the amount seems meager, it may be because this couple settled a claim with Lee a while back. Now, they say the harassment never ended, and they want more.

Moreover, and this is where it gets really weird, “A” George Zimmerman (not THE George Zimmerman) did actually live at the couples’ home. He is the youngest son of wife Elaine McClain; but they say he hasn’t lived at the home in years.

What are the chances …

Seems that “accident” should count for something in favor of Lee, right?

The McClains say Lee’s Tweet of their address encouraged “a dangerous mob mentality.”  Now they want more for their troubles and grief.

So far, no word from Lee.  But are we surprised?


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