Steve-Harvey (1)Oh god. LOL.

As the host of the new and improved “Family Feud” Steve Harvey can usually deal with awkward. But that doesn’t mean the answers from the show’s contestants don’t absolutely stun him at times.

On a recent episode, the man who always seems to have a smart response to someone’s dumbass statement did a true dramatic pause, as only he can, when a white contestant offered up a potentially racist response to a question about zombies. With her response, after a quick reply to make sure he heard her correctly, Harvey remained stoic and allowed her room to dig herself into a deeper hole.

It went down like this.

Steve asks her to “Name something you know about zombies,” before contestant Christie buzzed in with her split-second reaction. Did she say zombies are dead people? They try to attack humans? They can be killed by impaling their brains? Nope…

“Black,” Christie said.

“They’re black? Ok,” Steve said, seemingly taken aback by the response. Christie then turned toward her family to grimace while the opposing team delighted in their certain victory.

“I don’t know if they’re white … or … I … just … probably,” Christie said before digging her hole even deeper. “It’s up there! It’s up there!”

“You shut up, lady,” Steve half-seriously joked.

Unfortunately for Christie, the answer didn’t make the board… But the episode surely will make the list for all-time most awkward game show answers. (We betcha the lady who answered the question about “making whoopee” on The Newlywed Show is happy to pass her title along!)

As per usual, EURweb’s got the footage below: