tj holmes

*A few months back, T.J. Holmes decided he was done with BET and ditched the network after the apparent instability of his show.

He first joined the former Bob Johnson company after working tirelessly at CNN, daily and on weekends.

To maintain the regularity of his work, he would occasionally fill in on MSNBC. Now that he’s a free agent, however, everyone wants a piece of T.J.

Check out his interview with the Huffington Post:

What happened to your relationship with BET?

The network, they made a decision that they didn’t want the show to come back. That being the case, I don’t have anything else to do at that network. I was only there to do that show for the most part. So if they decide they don’t want the show on the air anymore, then there is no reason for that relationship to continue. So that relationship is over.

Were you shocked by the show’s cancellation?

I have known for a while that the show was not going to return. I just wasn’t able to say that myself and make it official, because the show is still the network’s property. So they’re the ones who are in charge in that regard of public message…And I think a lot of people have known for quite some time. It just took a while to make it publicly official.

What was your reaction to their decision, after you took a risk to bring something new to their audience?

Initially, when they cut it from a nightly show to a weekly show, I was shocked. And that had a lot to do with the timing. We’ve barely been on the air for a month at the time, and you’re still trying to find your footing and figure some things out. So I was shocked by that. But again, they have every right to do whatever it is they want to do with their network. So am I disappointed, yes, but I’m more so disappointed by the fact that we don’t have that [type of show on the air]. It was always my intent, all along, that my heart was in it to step away from where I was to roll the dice and take a chance certainly at a place that is not known for that type of programming…But what drew me was the idea that I could speak night in and night out to the issues affecting my community.

A lot of people will remember from my CNN weekend show, we had a lot of things talking about the black community. And CNN is not the platform to do it constantly, but I got it in as much as I could. I said, “if young brothers like me who have a platform, who have a voice, who have some sort of national credibility don’t do this type of thing, then who else is going to do it?” That is precisely why I did it.

Do you regret leaving your position at CNN?

Oh my God, never. Not a regret at all. I mean, mistakes were made along the way. So I’ll see things and can look back on where a mistake was made, but there’s not a regret that I have in life. You make the best decision you can with the information that’s in front of you and things work out, and sometimes they don’t, but as long as you can learn from it and grow from it you’re going to be alright.

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