tamar-winter-loversland*Tamar Braxton obviously feels the need to explain herself, or at least the lyrics on “She Can Have You,” the new single from her “Winter Loversland” CD.

She visited The Tom Joyner Morning Show recently, and shared that the Christmas / Holiday song has special meaning for her.

“…this is a personal experience for me. It’s about being alone on Christmas and not settling to be with the wrong person,” says Tamar. “Because on December 26 he’s going to act like the same fool or the night of December 25 he’s going to be the fool that he is and I’m going to be upset and he gon’ be on the phone in the corner and ain’t nobody got time for that!”

As she looks back on past holidays, Tamar sees herself in that girl on the record.

“I was the girl who was alone and upset on Christmas because I’m by myself. Every person goes through (it) one time or another in their life. I just had to write about it,” said Braxton . “It just seemed like I kept meeting the same man with a different face… seriously. I’m not male bashing. That’s just my experience.”

But Tamar has a milestone to celebrate as well. She recently passed the tenth show mark in her ongoing tour with John Legend, but she also admits it’s been a challenge to keep her weight in check due to vocal issues and steroids.

“I broke up with food. Food became my boyfriend when I was pregnant.  (I gained) like 65 pounds. But then I broke a blood vessel on each of my vocal cords,” she told Joyner. “Then I got on steroids and I gained all my pregnancy weight back.

Listen to “She Can Have You”: