black inferiority*To the Modern Negro,

What have you become? There’s truly one answer to this otherwise loaded question—absolutely, positively, unequivocally nothing. Black people, you have become the scab on America’s knee—annoying, pestering, bothersome, inflamed, cracked, dry, bleeding, stale, withered and utterly useless unless treated with care.

When you bitch and complain, hem and haw, hoot and holler, cry and whine for preferential treatment in a land that isn’t yours, that didn’t belong to your slave forefathers who built it—the weakness of your mind and spirit manifests; the image they’ve created for you lives on…that if you’re born black, you’re less than human—unworthy of their respect…always in need of their charity and guidance…like a monkey to an astronaut…only good for picking cotton, singing, dancing, shooting jump shots and breaking the law.

Is that what you want? Do you need white folk to wipe your asses too…or can you wipe yourselves clean? Are you so enveloped with self-hate and pity that encouragement and support from your own people aren’t enough….must your slave masters pat you on the head, give you a cookie and a gold star every time you remember to go potty…are you Negroes suffering from infancy…are you content with being whores for their attention and approval? Can you even walk on your own?

They’re correct when they take you for nothing…because you’ve failed to prove otherwise…you’ve shamed your ancestry…you’ve fallen short of expectations made centuries ago…you’re the greatest disappointments in human history.

Black people, when faced with judgment, you shift blame…always pointing the finger…always passing the hot potato…always finding fault with the world…always casting stones, never having the courage to absorb them…always taking issue with every action but your own.

When faced with criticism, you swell with pride and contempt…your paper-thin exterior makes you emotionally fragile, psychologically crude—incapable of taking what you often dish out…you’re hypocrites, cowards—weaklings…you’re immune to proper instruction, wisdom and insight…the window for your improvement is closing rapidly.

I'se_so_Happy_Little_Girl_Eating_WatermelonWhen faced with responsibility, you make excuses…the weight of autonomy overwhelms your feeble, robotized minds…living independent of whites would lead to your extinction…you obviously need them…they give you purpose, validation, self worth and hope (albeit false)…you have become the new children of Israel…perambulating, stumbling and bumbling along blindly in the wilderness…only you have no Moses…and your promised land—40 acres and a mule—still belongs to Pharaoh and his army.

When faced with problems, you consult their God—a blond haired blue eyed Jesus. They’ve crippled your mind, monopolized your resources, and corrupted your history…you don’t know how to find your own solutions…you don’t know how to survive alone…you’re modern slaves of the lowest order—they still own you.

Black people, when faced with reality—that equality in White America isn’t feasible—you complain like the juvenile picaninnies they see you for; needy and reliant; unable to burp, feed and clothe yourselves and change your own foul-smelling diaper.

When faced with choice, you cling to your master’s side, swearing never to let him go instead of aiming for self-reliance…that concept frightens you…intimidates you…makes your hollow bone quiver…yes, you own businesses, property and land…but your toys don’t shine like the white man’s toys…your heart wants what it can’t have…making you perpetually unsatisfied, forever ungrateful.

When faced with a mirror, you turn away, refusing to evaluate your disgraceful image, unwilling to acknowledge your flaws and weaknesses, unaware that other minority groups have elevated, while you drag your feet in the mud, grime and muck of mediocrity.

When faced with consequence, you play the victim role…it’s the slave in all of you crying out for massa…you feign strength…but your soul remains weak.

The world says you’re inferior because you’ve failed to prove them wrong.

You make me sick,

-Cory A. Haywood

Based in Southern California,  Cory A. Haywood is also a certified personal fitness trainer. Contact him via:[email protected] and/or visit his websites: and

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