MFHFlier*“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson

If there’s any truth to the quote you just read, we may have been introduced to one of the happiest people in Los Angeles.

Tiffany Rose, CEO and founder of The T Rose Company and a Virginia native, has been giving of her time, talent and resources since her mid-teens – a time when it’s typically all about us – and has continued to do so throughout her adulthood.

Influenced by her family’s legacy of giving, Rose has done everything from sponsor a child through World Vision International as an unselfish teen to founding My Friend’s House LA, a nonprofit outreach organization that provides resources for the economically disadvantaged in the city.

The latter has recently gained noteworthy attention, from the Queen Latifah Show, in advance of a major fundraising event designed to help her continue what she does and to expand her efforts to help those in need.

THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW -  Show # 1041 (airs Wed. Nov. 6th 2013) Photo credit:  © Sony Pictures Television / Robert Voets Guest:  Tiffany Rose

THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW – Show # 1041 (airs Wed. Nov. 6th 2013)
Photo credit: © Sony Pictures Television / Robert Voets Guest: Tiffany Rose

EURweb’s Gerald Radford had a conversation with Rose to allow her to share what she does, why she does it and, importantly, HOW she does it and how we can help.

Gerald Radford: What is My Friend’s House Foundation and what are some of the programs that the foundation comprises?

Tiffany Rose: My Friend’s House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit outreach organization that provides life-sustaining staples that include food, clothing, toiletries and spiritual motivation to the economically disadvantaged and provides short-term transition shelter for homeless women. In addition we also have:

•Homeless outreach: Every Wednesday, from noon until 2pm, serving of food, distribution of clothes, toiletries and other basic necessities, and voluntary spiritual encouragement on Skid Row (Downtown Los Angeles).
•Senior/elderly outreach: Every 2nd Thursday, nursing home/convalescent center in Los Angeles area, entertain with arts and crafts, music, reading, games.
•Prison outreach: Correspondence /Pen-Pal, respond to and send motivational, spiritual, and encouraging literature to incarcerated individuals.
•Literacy: Storytelling, every 3rd Thursday, literacy/reading to children in inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood schools and daycares with Fun Zone Reading Club for Homeless Kids.
•Random Acts of Kindness: Every 1st Wednesday, all day/anytime, various ways of displaying random acts of kindness especially to someone you don’t know.

Radford: What inspired you to start the foundation?

Rose: Most people feel compelled to give during the holiday seasons, but what happens during the rest of the year? My Friend’s House Foundation is the answer to that concern. Unfortunately, life altering circumstances can happen at any time to anyone which is why keeping this foundation in operation has been a blessing to so many people. We provide assistance year round.

Radford: How long has the foundation been in operation?

Rose: 5 years

Radford: Is there a success story that you can share that represents the good work the Foundation has done?

Rose: My Friend’s House Foundation consistently assists 150-200 homeless weekly. We continue to touch more and more individuals weekly.

Radford: You have an event coming up to raise funds to support your efforts, what are the particulars about this event?

Rose:  Wednesday, November 6th we will be having our 5 years Celebration and Fundraiser at the beautiful Rain Nightclub 12215 Ventura, Studio City, Ca. 91604. To date, over 38,000 homeless and disadvantaged individuals have been served.  With a small donation of $20 or $30(VIP) individuals will be able to come join us for this celebration.

Radford: Where can tickets be purchased?


Radford: What kind of support have you gotten from others in the Los Angeles community who may or may not be directly involved?

Rose: The support has been overwhelming and we are so grateful.  Everyone from people with a heart of compassion that has heard about us from a friend or seeing us in downtown Los Angeles has volunteered their time and efforts. We receive support from many celebrities, businesses, clergymen/women, other cities, different states. These individuals assist us by donating their time, monetary, clothes, food, spreading the word to others. We will be having an auction at the celebration as well and several celebrities have donated personal, very valuable items to be auctioned off. The response has been amazing.

Radford: I understand that you recently received some very special attention (Queen Latifah show) for all your selfless work.  Can you talk about that?

Rose: Every week the Queen Latifah Show airs a segment on people making a difference in the lives of others. My Friend’s House Foundation was selected as one to watch.  The shows crew came out and captured the work we provide and will share our efforts with their fan base on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Radford: Where can those who want to contribute or be involved somehow find more information about the organization?

Rose: or by calling 323-769-5433.  Also, to keep up with us, we would love to have you like our fan page on Facebook at or Instagram at WeFeedTheHungry

Tiffany Rose is the founder and CEO of The T Rose Company, an entertainment production enterprise.  Although her background consist of every aspect of production, from writing, to acting, to assistant directing, to producing, one of her strongest passions has always been the betterment of others. She has sponsored children through World Vision International since her mid-teens, she sits on the board of directors of Fathers, Families in Transition Incorporated (an organization founded by her father), she is a founding member if 20 Women for Darfur, she is the head of the Outreach/Philanthropic Ministry at Perfecting Christian Fellowship, an active supporter of School on Wheels, Incorporated, as well as volunteering with various missions and outreach ministries in the Los Angeles area. Having been a humanitarian and philanthropist for most of her life Tiffany saw the need to provide assistance to the economically disadvantaged year round. Being a woman of action Tiffany founded My Friend’s House LA .