cover_final_laverne*LOOK who’s on the cover of Vibe Vixen.

It’s beautiful Laverne Cox, an open book, writer, breakout actress, and advocate for transgender issues.

The actress appears on the cover of the glossy, starring into the eyes of any who dare to step into her world.

She is the star of Netflix hit, “Orange is the New Black,” a show about a white Yuppie girl who gets thrown into jail to experience life behind bars. Not only is the story insane, but the cast of characters are colorful, exciting and multidimensional.

In the show, she plays the lively, confident hairdresser, Sophia Burset, who was imprisoned after stealing money to get a sex change. Despite the orange, or brown, jumpsuit, she manages to stay fabulous and classy.

In the article, Laverne tells an incredibly inspirational story about her journey from the rejection and bullying in her childhood while living in the South to becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood.

And since becoming what ‘they’ are calling an overnight success, she’s been extremely vocal about anti-bullying.

“My entire life is different. It’s been wild—people recognize me when I walk down the street, in bars and restaurants,” she tells Vibe Vixen. “It’s a good thing and I’m really excited. Right now I’m doing a college tour, speaking engagements, and the anti-bullying Spirits Day, which raises awareness against ending bullying against the LGBT community and different groups.”

Dedicated to her craft and telling the story of other transgender people, Laverne is also working on a documentary about a real life trans-woman now serving time in prison after being bullied.

“[Cece McDonald] is a black trans-woman who’s in prison in Minnesota. I was trying to interview her for a show called In the Life, which lost its funding,” the actress explains. “Now I’m happy because I get to interview her. I think about her a lot during this journey. She was harassed walking down the street by people yelling anti-trans and racial slurs. A fight broke out and one of her tappers ended up dead, and she is in prison for it. I’m interviewing her for a documentary.”

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