*Are you ready for “tweet seats?”

Wow, society has really changed with the emergence of social media and smart phones.

Theaters are now offering phone addicted social networkers special seating during film showings.

Typically, a few annoying ads about turning off cell phones before the movie begins run as part of the preview reel; but that may not be necessary anymore.

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minn. is establishing a trend for obsessive phone/Twitter users and giving them a section of their own called, “tweet seats.”

And to make sure other patrons can enjoy the movie without the awful glow of someone’s cell phone disrupting their experience, the others have a whole balcony set aside just for them.

A few other theaters have also adopted the trend – The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Palm Beach Opera in Florida and the Public Theater in New York have all reportedly experimented with special sections for visitors who can’t keep off their phones.

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