tyrese - black nativity*Actor and R&B singer Tyrese co-stars in the highly anticipated musical “Black Nativity,” which boasts a star-studded cast that also includes Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson and more.

Tyrese plays a street hustler whose past is about to catch up with him in a major way.  Now, for Tyrese … acting and singing seem to come second nature to him, but this time on set – he was acting with the intention of living up to one of his greatest mentor’s standards … and that mentor is Forest Whitaker.

While promoting the film, Tyrese told EURweb associate Crystal Shaw-King exclusively: “Even days when Forest Whitaker wasn’t on the set, he became my inspiration because I was like ‘Forest is gonna see this…’”

Tyrese even went so far as to call Forest his ‘dad’ so-to-speak as an actor.   Listen to Tyrese’s entire interview and his response about Whitaker’s influence on him as an actor and how he’s amazed at Forest’s ability to ‘cry on cue.’

“Black Nativity,” starring Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Tyrese,  Jacob Latimore and more, opens Wednesday, Nov. 27.