usain bolt (moscow)

Usain Bolt of Jamaica LOVES him some Rihanna, and he ain’t to proud to beg in letting her know! (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for SEIKO)

*Desperation in love can make you do some crazy sh*t…out loud.

Take Usain Bolt, undeniably the fastest man in the world, an Olympic gold medalist, is now in a race to win the heart of singer, Rihanna. Seriously, old boy broke it down to TMZ the other day — after seeing a TWERK video the “Pour It Up” singer posted, saying her moves remind him of home.

Ah Jamaica, wait, really?

Yep! And Bolt is covering every available medium to get the woman’s attention. Even Twitter, where he posted the following message.

Usain tweet to Rihanna

And of course he took a moment to profess his love via TMZ (check out the video).