wendy williams*Wendy Williams might be “eating crow” soon for her comments about Kim and Kanye’s pending nuptials, but until then, she’ll be able to enjoy being host of the highest-rated show among women in New York (congrats!). Nationwide, the outspoken diva has seen a 25% jump in viewership since last October.

Despite a plethora of new talkers-from Arsenio Hall to Queen Latifah–that continue to spring up like weeds, Williams’ is mopping the floor with her competition. The Wendy Williams Show is the favorite among both younger and middle-aged women, both key demographics for advertisers.

Williams’ straightforward approach and popular segments like her “Hot Topics” have made the show an improbable success among all ethnic groups. And her controversial, no holds barred opinions, while perhaps making her a few enemies among celebrities, are certainly not scaring the viewers away.

She recently made headlines for vowing to “eat crow” if newly engaged couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West actually make it to the alter.

The jury’s still out on that one.

One thing’s clear: America can’t get enough of Wendy!