o-ZIMMERMAN-HALLOWEEN-COSTUME-570*In October, a pair of insensitive pranksters dawned homemade costumes portraying slain teenager Trayvon Martin and his alleged assailant George Zimmerman.

Hoping to generate some laughs on Facebook and other social media, Caitlin Cimeno (middle) posted a group photo with the caption: “Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon (insert smiley face emoji here.)”

In response to the racially-charged image, a wave of incensed Martin supporters fired back.  After one Instagram user wrote, “You ruined your life by posting those pics,” Caitlin quickly changed her profile name and deleted the racist shots. However, the photo was already a trending topic and heavily viral.

According to the Facebook page Stop Blackface For Halloween: “Earlier this morning Caitlin Cimeno had her employer listed on her Facebook page, but recently deleted it. Members of the Tumblr community took note of this employer before the deletion and contacted them to report the incident. Around 12:54 pm, I called the employer to report the incident and they stated that she has been fired.”