george zimmerman & samantha scheibe*Now that Georgie Porgie Zimmerman is unraveling right in front of everyone, his spin-doctor forces are doing their best to salvage what’s left.

Here’s the latest. According to sources connected with Zimmerman,  was duped and done in by a lying girlfriend who faked a pregnancy to keep him around and then framed him when she realized he was leaving her, reports TMZ.

George is now facing felony domestic violence charges after Samantha Scheibe claimed he threatened her with a gun and forced her out of their house.

Our Zimmerman sources say … here’s how it really went down:

Early this month, George made it clear to Samantha he was leaving her and leaving Florida. Samantha then dropped a bombshell– that she was 6 weeks pregnant. George now believes she was lying about it in order to keep him in her grip.  George then offered to make a child custody and support deal … but Samantha wanted him.

On Monday … things came to a head when George was packing his bags to leave and our sources say Samantha concocted the whole gun scenario as revenge.

Hmm, all we can say is that the story sounds shady to us. Besides, what the hell does the world’s biggest loser have to offer any female except never ending drama.

*In the meantime, speaking of spinning, Frank Taaffe – a known racist bully – says his “friend,” George Zimmerman is very religious and blames media and ‘bad women’ for Zman’s troubles.