Tyrese and Paul*Tyrese Gibson had the fortune of knowing Paul Walker like family, and after the actor was killed in an accident last week, the misfortune of losing him.

We got to witness his pain through pictures from the crash site memorial.

Thankfully, he is not going through his grief alone. Famed Bishop TD Jakes has reached out to the “Fast and Furious” star to offer consolation.

Bishop Jakes said:

“In moments like this, it feels – it feels like death has won. But the bible says that love is stronger than death, Your hearts are heavy, tears flow down. Your spirits are wounded. I feel that too. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing him as long as many of you have done. I understand what it is to be in pain. You look around and everybody you love and everybody you can count on and everybody you can trust seems to be slipping through your fingers.”

td-jakesGibson, who reportedly took a piece of the wreckage from the crash site as a keepsake of his friend, has been overwhelmed with sadness, tweeting:

“Not just a family on camera were a real family #WeJustCelebratedHis40th,” Gibson wrote in the caption of a short clip he posted to YouTube of Walker’s recent 40th birthday celebrations. “Pray for his daughter and family and closest friends please this hurts #RIHAW ( Rest in HEAVEN Angel Walker ) Stay strong#FastFamily #MyLastPost.”

In an emotional Facebook message he said Bishop TD Jakes “spoke healing and closure”.

The Potter’s House pastor told him, “I want you to understand in a very practical and pragmatic way that death has NOT won.