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Angela Tucker, Dir – Prod. / ‘Black Folk Don’t’

*The hilarious and thought provoking web series, “Black Folk Don’t,“ busts down the doors of stereotypes about what Black people can and can’t do.

The third season premieres today, Monday, December 2 and director-producer Angela Tucker says it’s “kind of a conversation piece to allow people to think a lot about some of the way that Black folk see one another.”

“Black Folk Don’t” is sure to spark spirited conversation particularly among African Americans who watch the series – intrigued by some of the African Americans featured doing things that they might think African Americans don’t do.

They interviewed John Norwood Fisher from the punk bank Fishbone and Tucker says, “He’s a great interview. He’s a wonderful person to interview because he’s heard basically his whole career that he’s doing something that Black folk typically don’t do.“

Then she laughed and said Fisher looked inward and admitted even though some people put Fisher in the “Black folk don’t” category he did that for something, “He tells the story about this White guy in a rock band that he’s friends with who wanted to take him snowboarding and he was like ‘that’s like White boy stuff. I don’t do that.’ Then he had to think a minute and say wait a minute I’m in this punk band, a Black guy in a punk band, and I still have this thinking.”

None of the people they interview are identified, but besides the everyday people they talk to, director Ava DuVernay, actress Lisa Gay Hamilton and renowned feminist Sikivu Hutchinson are also interviewed.

Going green, adoption and plastic surgery will be among the topics explored during the new season – in a blend of provocative, irreverent, comical and profound ways when talking to folk in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“Black Folk Don’t” is shown on, YouTube, and, as well as at

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