wwyd barber 1

*ABC’s latest episode of “What Would You Do?” had an interracial couple – a black man and his white girlfriend – visit a Harlem barbershop to see how customers would react.

In the video, three actors play out a racist scene in Denny Moe’s, which caters to a predominantly black clientele. Two actors played the couple, while the third actress played a black hairstylist who bashes the black man for dating outside of his race.

The show filmed real customers’ reactions as the stylist repeatedly criticizes the girl and chastises the boyfriend for choosing a white woman.

wwyd barber 2

Some customers chose to keep their mouths shut, while others (including the black woman in the photo above) decided to speak up and address the “ignorance” of the hairdresser.  One man even asked her how she would feel if she went downtown (to a predominantly white area) and was told she didn’t belong there. A lesbian customer was so compassionate in checking the hairdresser’s hate that the actress teared up.

Watch below.