Aiden Laser Cut Booties MK 195

Aiden Laser Cut Gold Booties by Michael Kors $195

*When it comes down to it, the shoes make the outfit sing. We ladies spend so much time from our hair and make up and picking out the right outfit. But if the shoes ain’t poppin’, the whole look falls to pieces.

So we picked out a few stylish boots to bring all of your holiday preparation together.

From Michael Kors to Jeffrey Campbell, there’s bound to be something you fall in love with.

Macramade Sergio Rossi 915

Macramade by Sergio Rossi $915

Shimmy Jeffrey Campbell 275

Shimmy by Jeffrey Campbell $275

Gold Snake Skin 140

Gold Snake Skin Shoe Boots by River Island $140

Stock Aldo 104

Stock (Sequin) by Aldo $104

Blondeau Aldo 87

Blondeau by Aldo $87