Brittni Mealy*Brittni Mealy has gotten a bad rap, coming a from Magic City dance pole and shaking that a** for money to being a rapper’s girlfriend and now a business owner and model.

The drama in her not so private life has overshadowed her potential, however, and she wants the world to know that there’s more to her than her beef with Ciara and her exotic dancing past.

If we may, hustler should be her middle name. She says as a child, she was always on the grind, finding ways to not only make money, but also triple it and make it stack. A 9 to 5 was never in her genes and quite naturally, the independent neo-Atlanta belle is building her own empire.

Her two-year old online boutique clothing shop, from the start was a hit, she says. The demand for her products have not only saturated Atlanta, but also penetrated the international fashion market.

Becoming a businesswoman and having her life on Front Street has given her a new outlook on life.

Brittney M. Walker: Your name in the media is nothing but drama. Who is the real Brittni Mealy?

Brittni Mealy: The media tries to display me as being somebody that’s (wants some money from my dad’s child). But I have my own business for two years now and it does great. And I style people, but the media never really speaks on that. I’m always attacked on Twitter and Instagram and people are always cussing me out. No, I’m a business owner, and I work really hard at that. I can survive even if I didn’t get $1 in child support or anything like that. I’m able to take care of myself.


BMW: What prompted you to start

BM: Pop of Junk is an online boutique for women. We have a couple of men’s pieces and for little girls. The reason I started was because I wanted to do something for myself. I was in a relationship and I traveled a lot with my son’s dad. But I was like, I’m just being a girlfriend and he’s living his dream. What am I doing for myself? So I started Pop of Junk, and it originally was only accessories. The first or second day I opened it, it did so good. The first week it was successful… so I said let me continue going with this.


BMW: What are some of your favorite fashion trends this season?

BM: I really like plaid, it’s really back in heavy, leggings and shorts with the combat boots, the 90s grunge style, that’s kind of what’s in right now.


BMW: What’s next for you?

BM: I’m starting to learn how to sketch and designing. Maybe by the winter next year, I want to have my own collection.


BMW: How is your relationship with Future now? Is he a good father?

BM: We’ve had issues in the past, but now we’re working together to be great parents to our son. I’m maturing as a woman. I’m starting to open up and see things Future’s way a little you know compromise a little. We’re getting along and I just want to keep it that way because it’s so much better and easier this way. I’m a better person and I thank God for that and I pray every day and I’m big on trying to stay positive.


BMW: Speaking of being positive, what was that meeting with Ciara and Future’s sister and daughter’s mother about?

BM: It wasn’t even planned like that. It just happened. Sometimes it’s the best way for things to happen. We had a good time. I felt like it was genuine. It wasn’t planned and he wasn’t in the room with us when we were taking photos. I’m looking forward to more family events and everybody getting along.

There was no conversation had. You know how you can just say something without having to say it. Everybody spoke and as we traveled from place to place, everybody warmed up. Everything just happened naturally.


BMW: Do you still think Ciara should prepare for Future to take stage left after their baby is born?

BM: I mean now, I can’t say because I know people grow. If he’s happy, I wish nothing but good luck and I wouldn’t wish anything negative on him or her or their relationship.