divorce court penis & a paycheck, deena jacobs*”What did you think he was going to bring to the table?” Said the judge.

“Some penis and a paycheck!” Responded the defendant.

Deena Jacobs strikes again!

Last month the actress was on Divorce Court during “I’m over my boy toy week.”

So, if you need a good laugh to start your day, check out the clip of the week right here! Divorce Court, Judge Lynn Toler“Mrs. Jacob what did you think you were getting when you got somebody who was 21 years old? What did you think he was going to bring to the table?” Judge Lynn Toler said on the court drama.

38 year old Jacob responded with, “some penis and a paycheck.”

The arbitration-based reality show, says Jacob and her husband Erin married just two months after meeting and are divorcing six months after their wedding.

During the show Erin accuses Deena of throwing a microwave, feeding him TV dinners and being crazy. While Deena accuses Erin of being immature, clingy and wanting too much sex.

divorce court, penis & a paycheck, deena jacobsSome of you may remember Jacobs from her 2011 appearance on The CW show H8R. Where she confronted Kim Kardashian about stealing all the black men and her big booty.

Now  in its 15th year Divorce Court is the longest-running program in the legal courtroom genre and has been revived more than any other court show.

On September 2nd, 2013, Divorce Court entered its 34th season.

divorce court, deena jacobsWatch the Divorce Court clip of the week: ‘P***s and a Paycheck’ right here.