Club Nouveau 2013: Samuelle Prater, Valerie Watson, Jay King

Club Nouveau 2013: Samuelle Prater, Valerie Watson, Jay King

*The Club Nouveau reunion isn’t exactly brand new, but it is refreshing to know that the group that gave us such mega jams as Jealously, Why You Treat Me So Bad and the remake of Lean Of Me is still going strong.

One of the younger legends of the music industry Jay King, founded JAY Records in 1986 and hit the first effort out of the ballpark with “Rumors” by the Timex Social Club, which actually evolved out of the group Jet Set, and morphed into Club Nouveau.  Rumors scored an impressive 3.5 million in sales and met with 56 weeks on the Billboard R&B chart, and a double platinum image was set for Jay King.  Other notable group members included at one time or another the famed production duo Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, as well as James L. Richard II, Kevin Irving, David Agent, Walter Phillips and Mario Corbino.

Over the years Club Nouveau has continued to churn out new music and burn up the concert circuit igniting fans across the globe.  What’s new and exciting for the group these days is their forthcoming album “Consciousness” which is set to drop in the spring of 2014.  The lead single “That Ain’t Love” is curently available at

The fall of 2014 will bring another anticipated Club Nouveau event with the release of their Greatest Hits, which will include previously unreleased versions of “Rumors” and “Thinking About You.”  Jay King told EURweb that Club Nouveau is living in the now.

EURweb: Please share with us the exciting news about the new music.

Jay King: It’s our seventh album that we’re recording and I love the project because of what we’re speaking about.  We’re not in any way form or fashion concerned about where the music business is or what people are talking about, as a matter of fact we’re probably on the other end of the spectrum because the music is reminiscent of the title, “Consciousness.”  You know our first single “That Ain’t Love” speaks to relationships.  And we literally go through a plethora of things that what men say to  women, and women say to men in relationships, and these are relationships that they call love.  And we’re saying; ‘That ain’t love.’  No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, when you hear the conversation, it ain’t love. It’s a facsimile of love, but based on the deterioration of the family unit in these United States of America.  So, in our songs we’re working to be as accessible to the public as possible as far as what we’re putting out from a musical standpoint, from a melodic standpoint, even from a lyric standpoint to be entertaining, but also to be thought provoking.  And I believe that’s what we’ve done, probably at our very best on this album, and I believe that it’s the best record we’ve made.  And I know that artists say that all the time, but I truly believe that this is our best work.  I believe that we’re all in better voices than we’ve ever been in, we’re in better harmonies than we’ve ever been in,  and our vibration is positive and strong, like it’s never been.

Jay King also discusses his association with mega-producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy, plus Lee Bailey ‘s surprise appearance on the title track for the new Club Nouveau project “Consciousness”.

Click below to for more of Jay King’s EURweb Exclusive interview with LaRita Shelby.

Jay King also hosts the on line radio platform, The Jay King Network (JKN) which airs 7 days a week and is presented by more than 20 different show hosts. King himself has several programs on the network including a show on the music business every Monday & Wednesday night 7-9pm PST; ‘Kings in the Morning’ – M-F 8-10 AM PST; as well as ‘The Way I See It’ – Sundays 2-4PM PST. In addition to running a network and label, King is currently managing such notable talent as Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind & Fire) Darius McCrary (Family Matters), Cameo and Karyn White (creating White’s KWE and negotiating distribution deals in the U.S., Japan and South Africa so far). As of late King has written a book series entitled Passport to the Music Business—publications that simplify the music business for laymen. Broken into categories, each book is specific to a subject such as: “Everything Distribution”, “Everything Publishing” and soon to be released – “Everything Royalties”.

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