Prime Prep Academy, the charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders and DL Wallace, has been plagued with problems from the start.

Prime Prep Academy, the charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders (2nd from left) and DL Wallace (to Sanders immediate right), has been plagued with problems from the start.

*If Deion Sanders wasn’t so damn rich, and didn’t have such a beautiful girlfriend, we’d probably feel sorry for him right now.

For the second time in three months, the school he cofounded has shown him the door.

Yep, dude has been fired again.

But alas, its not like he needs the job – though that’s besides the point. We’re sure he feels its a matter of principle.

Prime Prep Academy announced the firing on Dec. 3, two days after the Dallas Morning News reported that questions over the charter school’s finances were attracting the attention of the state’s education department, which hasn’t started any investigation — yet. The Morning News states:

“The Texas Education Agency is aware of various issues surrounding Prime Prep Academy,” said spokeswoman DeEtta Culbertson in a written statement.

“TEA continues to be diligent in gathering information related to specific complaints regarding finances, special education and allegations of nepotism,” she wrote. “It would be premature to comment on any of the specifics until our fact finding in each of these areas is complete. However, TEA is prepared to take the appropriate steps should action be warranted.”

According to Dallas’ WFAA-TV, which broke the story of Sanders’ firing (and a walkout by students in protest), the latest departure of the man named “Prime Time” in his prime is related to a power struggle between administrators loyal to him, and those loyal to the school’s other founder, D.L. Wallace; who resigned in November following a school board meeting that featured numerous parent complaints about poor education, poor discipline, and pretty much poor anything else they would want in a school. Wallace said his departure had been in the works since August, but Sanders had previously vowed to try to throw him out.

WFAA caught up with Sanders, Prime Prep’s football coach and official public face, in the school parking lot on the day he was fired by the school’s superintendent (much to the chagrin of the chair of the school’s board):

“I never dreamed this,” Deion Sanders lamented [editor’s note — yes, lamented]. “I just dreamed of having the best academic and athletic institution in the country, and we are going to have it. We are going to have it… we just have to get this mess out.” …

“This is nonsense. We are sick of it,” Sanders said. “The kids don’t deserve it. Over-paid, under-qualified administrators never worked in a school in their life. Total TOT +0.56% chaos. We have a formula to restore what the was the dream at Prime Prep.”

Of course, the details of that formula still eludes us.

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