Siohvaughn-Funches-street*Geez Siovaughn, are you kiddin’ us here?

You’ve got to wonder about a woman allegedly on the street sticking her nose up at five million dollars.

What’s up with that?

In a Gossip Extra exclusive, the ex-Mrs. Dwayne Wade, Sioavughn Funches, filed an intention to appeal in Chicago recently. She says the divorce agreement is null and void!

As a matter of fact, Siovaughn says she never even agreed to nor signed the so-called deal; which was highly publicized and allegedly reached by Wade’s attorneys and her lawyer in July.

And get this: Funches just fired Brian Hurst, the high-profile Chicago lawyer who worked on the deal that already paid her $5 million in cash, among other goodies. He was reportedly her 12th lawyer!!!

Whoa! We’re scared-a-you gul!

Hurst quipped, “I’m in a result oriented business,”after stating he had been “terminated.” He didn’t elaborate on why but did add that if the appeals court in Chicago sides with Funches — and that could take two years — a new trial could be ordered. In the end, Siovaughn could conceivably be awarded more money from Wade, or (and pay attention here OK?) she might have to return some of the millions back to the Miami Heat superstar.

Ouch. That would be extremely painful, even to us!