*Frank Ocean’s cousin has defended his actions in a parking lot brawl with Chris Brown and his entourage, claiming he only used force to protect his relative from getting beat down.

Breezy and his bodyguards clashed with Ocean’s crew over a parking space outside the Westlake Studio in West Hollywood in January. Ocean declined to press charges after initially filing a police complaint for battery, but his cousin Sha’Keir Duarte decided to launch his own $3 million civil suit in August, holding Brown responsible for a beating he allegedly took from a member of the singer’s security team.

Brown hit back with a countersuit last month accusing Duarte of provoking the fight. And now, Ocean’s cousin has admitted to the accusation, but claims he was only trying to defend his cousin.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Duarte confesses to using “reasonable and necessary” force to protect himself and Ocean against one of Brown’s handlers, called Hood.

Brown has since gone into anger management after becoming involved in another brawl outside a Washington, D.C. hotel in October. He was ordered to submit to another 90 days in treatment as part of his probation after he was kicked out of a Malibu medical facility for hurling a rock through his mother’s car window during an argument in November.