iyanla vanzant*Living without the presence of your father can affect someone in many ways. Iyanla Vanzant tackles this topic head on while helping a two young brothers confront issues surrounding their absent father in the season finale of her hit show ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

During the show, Vanzant travels to Newark, NJ to see Isaam and his brother Chon. According to Isaam, their father has been in and out of their lives (sometimes disappearing for years at a time), continuously lying to and disappointing them. As a result, the brothers have spent decades living in pain.

Upon visiting the brothers, Vanzant revealed that she grew up fatherless and can understand the issues the brothers are facing. Vanzant asks how many times Isaam wound up waiting on the front porch for his absent father to one day come home.

“Earlier on, I was always hopeful that he’d show up,” Isaam admits. “Every car that comes by -– is that him? Or maybe he’s walking. Maybe he’s around the corner. Maybe he’s in traffic. Maybe there’s some reason why he’s not here or why I’ve been waiting so long.”

Despite being told often to stop crying, Vanzant allows the brothers to do the opposite in an effort to fully heal.

“Cry your little heart out,” she says in the video. “That’s where your healing comes [from].”

The season finale of “’Iyanla: Fix My Life” will air at 9 p.m. ET this Saturday (Dec. 14) on OWN. For a preview of the episode, click on the video below: