jb smoove*“Real Husbands of Hollywood” quickly became the number one sitcom on cable television among adult viewers this year. One of the reasons for the success is comedian JB Smoove.

Smoove is best known for his roles in “Hall Pass” and HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiam.” But not too long ago, the funnyman gave up the scoop on the current season of “RHOH.”

“Real Husbands of Hollywood” has been a runaway hit since its premiere episode. Did you always know it would catch on with audiences?

I kind of did. Because you have to realize you have a bunch of [entertainers] who were on their way. Kevin [Hart] was already hot. So we already knew people would tune in. He’s was coming off the film Think Like a Man, which did amazing box office across the board. So people were waiting for something else. Also, there’s never been a show like Real Husbands of Hollywood before. It’s amazing. It’s not only great for us; it’s great for BET. It shows they can do quality, original programming. It’s a good time for everybody.

There are so many reality shows on TV these days. Why do you think this particular show is such a success?

People love things about Hollywood. People love to see the inside of what’s going on. And this show has guys who keep it real, who are just as catty as women and are doing a take off on the other reality shows. It was just a great idea. [Show creators] Chris Spencer and Kevin Hart are great producers. You can’t ask for anything better.

Is a lot of the dialogue improvised?

We do a lot of improvising. A lot. They give us leeway as long we stay in the world of the storyline — that means we’re good. So we have the ability to go off-cuff all the time. Which is great, because sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get until you get it on its feet. It keeps us in good shape.

Can you summarize season two of Real Husbands of Hollywood?

Well, we have a lot of great guests this season. Chris Rock did a few episodes of the show, Katie CouricThe Kardashians, Bobby Brown is back, La La Anthony, everybody is a part of this season. You’ve got to tune in; it’s going to be great.

“Real Husbands of Hollywood” airs Tuesday nights at 10:00pm/9c on BET.