*Hey y’all! I’m back and here we go!

 J Hud was so Ka Yute in her black mini skirt! Miss Thang was giving us major sex appeal with the fishnet black pantyhose and stiletto heels.

Her voice was flawless as usual, and it was nice of her to pay homage to the older divas; including Evelyn “Champagne” King, (I super-HATE the middle name in quotes) and Chaka Khan.

The new school and old school sound meshed well together, go HARD, J Hud!

soul train1 (j hud evelyn)Anthony Anderson looks great now that he has lost approx 50 pounds. He and his lil crew went innnnnn as they busted-a-move to “Poison, the Humpty Dance, the Red Nose Dance, and for the pièce de résistance he ended the dance routines in a (I need help getting up) split! Anthony Anderson, we saw you, boo!

soul train2b (anthony aanderson) soul train2a (anthony anderson)Da fcuk was Vivica Fox wearing? Vivica, you went from one extreme to another. First you were dressing like a twenty year old, now you’re dressing like you’re in your later fifties. Bill Bellamy was looking right-right, but Vivica was rocking some ugly old lady looking-ass-dress; looking like her name should be Pearl. Vivica, we no-likey.

soul train3 (vivica & bill)Wale and Stokley (from Mint Condition) were good, but looking at Stokley jamming and spinning and isht in the background kinda reminded me of Puffy circa 1994 when he could always be seen jamming in the music videos of his artists.

soul train4 (stokley & wale)Vanilla Ice we know you’ve been through hell and back over the past several years, but baby you rocked that one hit! Ice, Ice baby, and much respect for having Big Tigger on the 1’s and 2’s!

soul train5 (vanilla ice)K. Michelle, boo. You looked a whole fool in that damn white jumpsuit/onesie. You’re a pretty girl, and you can sing, no doubt. But boo hire a stylist, pronto, puhleeze! Chile, I’m looking at all of that ass lift/ass implant/ass injections and those lil bitty boobies. If you’re going to go under the knife think … proportions, Ok? Thanks.

soul train6 (k michelle)Tamar is another one who could use a stylist. Girl. You know good and damned well that outfit was OUT of order! When you do not have a whole lot of ass, try not to wear clothes (or the lack there of) that accentuate the LACK of ass. You’re another one who definitely can sing, but dress it up just a little bit. I’ve got to give you kudos for reminding us to, “NEVER give up on ourselves and our dreams.”

soul train7 (tamar)Keith Sweat and Faith Evans sounded great, and looked good too. Faith is eternally pretty, and her outfit fit her perfectly. She looked pretty, sexy, and classy. Keith Sweat was looking just a little bit like somebody’s “uncle Clarence”, but we love him just the same because he saaaaang!

soul train8 (keith & faith)The Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson One performance was so fcuking awesome that I think I’m going to book a flight to Las Vegas to see the show in its entirety. Everyone on the stage exuded extreme talent, bravo!

 soul train9 (circ du soleil)Misc. Kimberly Gossip
Idris Elba was sexy as usual. He can play Mandela all the hell he wants, but to me he will FOREVER be Stringer Bell!

soul train10 (idris)Ole big ass Ruben Studdard and pretty girl Candace Glover did Luther Vandross proud with their cover of his timeless classic, Still in love. Meanwhile, Baby face and Toni Braxton were both impeccable. Toni may have had financial issues, but the lady is pretty and petite with pipes! Toni is, and always will be THE sexiest and most talented Braxton, pow!

soul train11 (face & toni)

 In my humble opinion:
The Music video of the year went to the wrong person: Janelle Monae with Erika Badu

 The Best hip hop song of the year also went to the wrong person: Wale

I’m Kimberly Gossip, and I’m out!

PS: You can check out an encore showing of the Soul Train Awards 2013 tonight, Tuesday, 12-03-13 on BET and Centric at 7pm/6c.

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