larry buford (screenshot - singing)*Hey y’all, check this out …

EURweb contributor and former Motown songwriter Larry Buford has penned and recorded a song titled “Can’t Quiet My Soul”  that has just been released on YouTube.

The song track and title – inspired by the movie ‘Titanic’ – was written by Buford years ago, but he could not seem to find the right lyrics to finish it until he heard President Obama’s response to the Sandy Hook (Newtown, CT) massacre where he began: “Our hearts are broken today….”

Buford says those words became the opening line for the song and the rest of it just flowed like a waterfall. He quips, “I guess that makes President Obama a co-writer.”

While the debates continue to escalate about gun control, mental illness, and other causes for tragedies like Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook, Buford says, “America needs a heart change, and we need to really focus on the mothers who have lost their children and continue to do so especially in urban communities everyday throughout the country.” He continues, whether it’s in rural or urban areas, the heartaches are the same, the innocence of children is the same, and we the people need to lay aside our differences and place them first…what’s it going to take?”

Not only has Buford reached out to other artists in the music industry to get on board with creating new social songs ala the Curtis Mayfields, the James Browns, and Bob Dylans of yesteryear to engage their audiences in the dialogue, but he has also sent the message to Capitol Hill. He adds that the intent of the song is “not to entertain nor for people to dance, but to listen…”

Following is a touching verse from the song:

“A mother suffering the loss of a child/ how can she find any comfort now

So constantly like an endless rain/ the countless tears and deepening pain.”

Please check it out and let us/Larry know what you think: