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*Melyssa Ford. You may know the name. You may certainly know the face. But, you may not know the person.

Since meeting Melyssa, who has quickly become like a younger sister to me, I’ve encountered many opportunities to witness the continual negative effects of labels without understanding.

Yes, she’s model, an actress, a community servant, a real estate broker and now a reality television star. However, what you may not know about Melyssa is that she is a woman with, an extensive vocabulary, an in depth knowledge of forensic psychology, and one who is passionate about community service and a homebody.

I met Melyssa during the National Urban League Conference where I was moderating a panel she was on called Transcending Stereotypes: Redefining the Black Woman. Other panelists included Devyn, winner of Naomi Campbell’s The Face, Broadway star, Brenda Braxton and corporate leaders from Comcast and JC Penney. Given my mission of dismantling labels, there couldn’t have been a more perfect topic for me to discuss. Melyssa and I decided to meet in the lobby of the Marriott, where we were staying for a brief “get to know you”. Eight hours later, we were laughing, talking about our life goals, and completely annoyed with those who were interrupting our “girl talk.” I have to admit that I would not have guessed that our conversation would have covered so many areas, and that we would have had so much to talk about.

Again, it was further confirmed that we should not judge a book until we have “read it”. Only then can any one of us claim to have understanding of its content. While Melyssa’s notoriety came from her work as a video model that focused on her looks, she is very much a person who lives in her head. Did you know that she is a deep thinker, that she reads books on forensic psychology, that she enjoys quiet evenings at home, that she volunteers her time fighting for those with HIV/Aids, and that she gives her time to read to children? Did you know that she set standards for herself when she was a video models?

Real Estate Broker, Model & Actress

Melyssa Ford – Real Estate Broker, Model & Actress

As you may know, my mission is to liberate our society from the labels that hinder our real progress by aborting the information gathering process that we need to access the truth. It is only when we move beyond perception, let go of the labels and get our values in view that we will experience the ultimate fulfillment of our purpose.

Who is the real Melyssa Ford? Watch this segment of The Monica Cost Show: New levels. No labels and see.

Melyssa Ford on The Monica Cost Show: New levels. No labels.

Melyssa Ford is starring on a new reality television series called Blood, Sweat and Heels airing on Bravo on Sunday, January 5th at 9pm EST. These days you can also find Melyssa assisting buyers in sellers with high end real estate in New York at MNS.

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