malinda williams-talks exhale talk show-the jasmine brandMost know Malinda Williams as the quick witted Bird on the TV series Soulfood.

As much as it was her push into stardom, it was only the beginning to where she has ventured. The current talk show host can be seen along side her fellow sister actresses on ASPIRE’s Exhale.

An show featuring 5 women of color discussing issues and topics mainly concerning our interest.  Media Partner Jasmine BRAND ( caught up with the busy star to pick her brain about her projects and life in general.

Check out a few excerpts of our conversation:

On her experience with talk show, ‘EXHALE’:

Malinda Williams: Well you know what – working on a talk show that is myself and there are four other women – five of us and African-American women; and we talk about things that are relevant to us, things that are relevant to our sisters. People who are talking about topics that are important and it’s almost inexplicable how I feel because it’s something that I do in my everyday life, you know how that say, “do something you love and you’ll never have to work?” I’m not working. I’m just being and living it and I think in a lot of ways we’re helping because once whenever you create a healthy dialogue, we’re showing that African-American women can go [on] television –or anywhere for that matter–and not be combative, not have to be argumentative all the time. We can agree to disagree. We are educated, we are articulated. We have feelings, we like to laugh, we like to cry; so and that’s what ‘Exhale’ is all about and I’m so very excited to be doing this show.

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