mandela (bids farewell)*A few years back…I was interviewed by a well known United Kingdom TV Channel in anticipation to be the first to broadcast a special on NELSON MANDELA as it was assumed he was dying.

A taxi was arranged to pick me up for the interview. I was videoed at a location in South West London while drawing a Mandela caricature and speaking like the Statesman for the video recording. It was also for me to talk about my cartoons on MANDELA that had been published in WEST AFRICA magazine, a London based Pan African weekly, through the years. It had been rumoured many times past that MANDELA was dying or had died. This drawing was inspired by my watching the movie INVICTUS. In it, MANDELA united a divided South Africa through Rugby, a sport with similarities to American Football. I have decided to update this illustration. The world now misses MANDELA but frankly he had been missed for some time.

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