thamsanqa jantjie

Thamsanqa Jantjie

*On the day that Nelson Mandela is buried, news comes that the bogus sign language interpreter at Madiba’s Memorial service gets stranger, weirder and scarier.

It has now been learned that Thamsanqa Jantjie was reportedly accused of murder 10 years ago. The shocking revelation was made the national eNCA TV news station.

Meanwhile, government officials were unable, or unwilling, to explain why a man who says he is schizophrenic with violent tendencies was allowed to get within arm’s length of President Barack Obama and other world leaders. However, they vow to investigate the incident and will compile a comprehensive report, according to the AP.

“We are not going to sweep it under the carpet,” said Phumla Williams, the top government spokeswoman. “We want to own up if there is a mistake, but we don’t want to be dishonest” to Jantjie.

An Associated Press reporter found Jantjie at a makeshift bar owned by his cousin on the outskirts of Soweto Friday, near his concrete house close to shacks and an illegal dump where goats pick at grass between the trash. Asked about the murder allegation, Jantjie turned and walked away without saying anything.

A day earlier, he told the AP that he had been violent “a lot” in the past, has schizophrenia and hallucinated during the Mandela memorial that angels were descending into the stadium. He also apologized for his performance, but defended his interpreting as “the best in the world.”

His assertion was ridiculed by deaf advocates who said he didn’t know how to sign “Mandela” or “thank you.”

The outcome of the reported murder case that eNCA said dated from 2003 was unclear, and the television report did not disclose any details.

As of this posting, officials at the Johannesburg court where the murder charge was reportedly lodged dhad not responded to email requests seeking comment.

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