udonis haslem (miami heat uniform)*Udonis Haslem is officially a new homeowner. Emphasis on homeOWNER.

Gossipextra.com reports that the Miami Heat player paid off a $2.4 million mortgage in full to purchase a 14,000-square-foot mansion (pictured below) at the Westfield Estates of Southwest Ranches for $3.2 million.

The move, which came 24 years early in light of a 30-year loan Haslem took out, comes months after the 33-year-old athlete’s home was burglarized in April when he was out of the area. Authorities with the Broward County sheriff’s office later  discovered trash bags containing Haslem’s stuff on the driveway when they arrived.

The mansion’s previous owner was Citibank, which Haslem acquired the property from in 2007, according to county archives.

udonis haslem mansion