Brimfield, Ohio police chief David Oliver

Brimfield, Ohio police chief David Oliver

*A police chief in Ohio didn’t take to kindly to Kanye West comparing his job of performing to that of a police officer or member of the military.

David Oliver, police chief of the northeast Ohio town of Brimfield, has more than 94,000 likes on his department’s Facebook page. But none of his posts have gone as viral as the one when he took on Mr. Yeezus.

“What I simply said in the post I wrote was, I’m calling for you to immediately retire from entertaining and join the military and be deployed,” Oliver said. “Maybe you’ll get a firm grasp on what it’s like to be in the military.”

The whole thing started when West told Saturday Night Online how dangerous he thinks his job is on stage. “This is like being a police officer, or like war or something,” West said. Oliver said: “I was offended because I just don’t think that any entertainer can compare what they do to ducking bullets for a living.” Kanye West really wasn’t on his radar much until now.

Oliver said he’d heard his name, but didn’t know about baby North West…. “No idea until somebody said his daughter’s named after a compass.”