blake leeper*If you’re not familiar with Blake Leeper, he’s a paralympic sprinter.

Leeper, now 24, is also a 2012 Paralympic Games silver medalist who has worn prosthetic legs nearly his whole life after being born with no lower legs.

He’s also a huge fan of former pro-athlete Bo Jackson. Did we mention he’s a huge fan of Bo Jackson? Anyway, young Mr. Leeper  was on “Arsenio” on last week and talked about what Jackson meant to him growing up and how his running blades work.

When Arsenio Hall asked Leeper to show his running blades, it was Jackson who walked out with them. It took a few seconds for Leeper to realize who it was and once it hit him, his reaction was, needless to say, priceless.

“I want to say thank you for never giving up on your career. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today. You inspired me to be who I am today,” Leeper told Jackson. “You inspired me to go out there and show the world that regardless of who you are, regardless of if you have a disability, it doesn’t matter. As long as you battle back and you give it 120 percent you can overcome any challenge and I thank you for that Bo.”

Watch Bo Jackson surprise the you-know-what surprised out of Blake Leeper: 🙂