Pacman and Peso1*Hey, whoever said going the extra mile for attention doesn’t work, never went the extra mile. After all, its getting rappers Pacman and Peso in the news.

The rappers basically ignored recent alerts that warned Americans against traveling to North Korea following the country’s detainment of 85-year-old American Vet Merrill Newman, and decided to shoot part of their latest video in Pyongyang (the Capital of N Korea), with the hopes that the trip will make some noise.

It did, because now the aspiring American rap duo who raised more than $10,000 on the crowd sourcing site Kickstarter to fund their trip is all over the news.

Their custom trip was arranged through a travel agency specializing in taking Westerners to North Korea, according to the proposal. Americans are able to travel to the country on arranged tours and must be constantly accompanied by North Korean guides.

Pacman and Peso2Pacman and Peso said their trip shied away from politics, and was for creative purposes only.

“I mean we did not go there to be political. We just go down there to shoot our video and that about the reason why we went, not political,” said Pacman — whose real name is Anthony Bobb.

The Washington area duo spoke to reporters at an airport in Beijing upon their return from the five-day trip.

“Nobody shot a video in North Korea, let alone thought of it. Nobody even thought of making a video in North Korea. You know what I’m saying?” said Peso, whose real name is Dontray Ennis.

Take a look at “God Bless Amerika,” the video we believe Pacman and Peso risked their freedom to shoot.