porsha*It appears Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart has gotten good and comfy at her mom’s house.

The princess’ divorce from her former football player husband Kordell Stewart has held center stage on the reality series the entire season.

Now, in a video preview obtained by RadarOnline.com, this pst Sunday’s episode reveals that not only does mom Diane spoil her daughter, but Porsha, who has been living with mommy since her divorce, wants to live in the style she’s become accustomed to – so she’s shopping for a home of her own during the episode.

So off she goes to scrutinize possibilities, and comes upon a lovely $4500 condo. Is this suitable for a princess? Nooooo, the closets are too small.

“These closets are way too teeny tiny,” the “ATL Housewife” sighs to the cameras after touring the place with a real estate agent.

Speaking of herself in third person, she adds, “My mom’s closets are huge and fit all of Porsha’s fashions just fine.” She also moaned to Diane and sister Lauren, “Where am I going to put all these clothes I have?”

Now wait a sec (to the sound of a screeching car) hold up! Is this the same woman allegedly caught using EBT Food Stamps at Kroger’s in Atlanta recently?

Naw, can’t be!

Meanwhile, only a mom would wonder who is going to make her child’s pancakes if she moves out of her house. Whatever will she do? Bless her heart!

But by the end of the episode, Porsha decides that she might not be ready to live by herself yet after all.

“This is a big jump,” she says.

And while looking at the condo that showcases panoramic Atlanta city views, it sinks in as Porsha truly realizes, “Wow, you’re single again!”

Yeah, ya are!