cynthia bailey & bethenny*Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” can expect “the most unpredictable, crazy season” yet, according to one of the show’s stars.

“It’s crazy, like we haven’t even gotten to the crazy crazy yet. We are only like five episodes in and when I tell you this is the most unpredictable, crazy season I’ve ever seen. People that were never exposed before being exposed. It’s just all over the place,” Cynthia Bailey dished to “Bethenny” host Bethenny Frankel. “I mean that’s how it is, the nature of the show you never know what’s going to happen. Who you are going to connect with, who you are going to have a falling out with it’s crazy. We’ve been mixing it up. I don’t know it just happens.”

In addition to RHOA, Frankel touched on the subject of pre-nups, which Bailey felt are “always a good idea.”

“I really do, I just think it protects everyone,” Bailey said, adding that she and her husband got their pre-nup when they were broke. No matter how much money someone has, Bailey maintained that a pre-nup is a safer choice.

“…you always want that clarity, especially if you decide you don’t want to be together,” she said.T”hat’s not the time you want to start to figure out oh are these are my jelly beans or are these your jelly beans. You just want to go, when it’s over I just want to go.”

The “Bethenny” episode featuring Cynthia Bailey” will air today.

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