colin beats ad

*Seattle Seahawks fans are livid over a new Beats by Dre commercial, and are calling on supporters of the team to boycott the pricey headphones and their namesake, Dr. Dre, in retaliation.

According to the blog Shutdown Corner, some Seahawks fans on Twitter are upset that a new ad for the brand, titled “Hear What you Want,” features Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of their NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers. Furthermore, the ad also features actors as Seahawks fans unleashing various forms of hate on the QB, which Kaep shuts out with his Beats headphones.

Without ever mentioning or showing the words “Seattle Seahawks,” the ad has Kaepernick on the team bus headed to a stadium with the Seattle skyline in the background. Fans wearing Seahawks colors scream at him, throw things at the bus, and seem to be ready to assault him when he walks off. There’s a few middle fingers thrown his way in the extended version. [Scroll down to watch.]

Kaepernick puts on his headphones to completely drown out the unruly mob.

Well the real Seahawk mob took to Twitter and made their intentions known.

 Everyone in Seattle needs to boycott beats by dre because of that Colin Kaepernick commercial#GoHawks — Aaron Kang (@_AaronKang) December 11, 2013

OK Dre will be hearing from me the next time I go to his suite for a Laker game! Offensive commercial about Seattle fans. — Josie Baik (@JosieBaik) December 8, 2013