Teamwork: Betsy Beers (L) and Shonda Rhimes (R) will receive the 2014 Diversity Award from the Director's Guild of America on January 25th.

Teamwork: Betsy Beers (L) and Shonda Rhimes (R) will receive the 2014 Diversity Award from the Director’s Guild of America on January 25th.

*With TV series’ like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal” under her belt, you know Shonda Rhimes is big on developing rich characters that keep audiences interested and engaged.

It’s probably accurate to assume the percentage of social media usage climbs after every episode of one of her programs; with viewers giving their input on the “shoulda…coulda and woulda” of what they just witnessed. Her women characters especially, are both loved and hated because they show the dynamics of strength and vulnerability. And while scripting rich content and intriguing story lines, she utilizes the full gamut of our multicultural landscape and puts a lot of people to work in the process.

These are a few of the reasons why Rhimes and business partner, Betsy Beers, will be honored by the Directors Guild of America. This is a huge honor, because the Guild has only done this type of recognition four times in its 66-year history. The ladies will receive the 2014 Diversity Award.

DGA president Paris Barclay spoke highly of the dynamic duo.

“In the decade that Shonda and Betsy have been creating and producing buzzworthy television, their record of diverse hiring has been consistently outstanding at a time when very few television series meet that standard,” she explained. “As a result, they have impacted the careers of dozens of women and minorities—they’ve made stars not only in front of, but behind the camera as well.”

Rhimes said she’s honored to be recognized with such an honor and that it’s important to always create shows that reflect the world we all live in.

Both Rhimes and Beers will be given the honor on January 25th at DGA’s 66th annual awards.