snl (kenan as black santa)*OK, one more response to Megyn Kelly‘s stupid Santa Claus comment.

This one’s from “Saturday Night Live” with Kenan Thompson and yes it’s a hoot.

On the day after Kelly herself addressed the controversy (see that here), Kenan‘s Santa jumped into the fray to settle everything and assured viewers that he is “black as hell!”

He went on to explain how the impression that he is white actually helps get Christmas night deliveries done faster.

“White guys taking credit for what a black guy did? I’m more used to it than I am okay with it.”

Oh yeah, Santa also dropped a line from an original draft of “The Night Before Christmas” that authenticated his claim.

“His eyes, how they twinkled, his dimples, they amaze,” Santa recited, “and when I saw him I exclaimed, ‘Damn is that Isaac Hayes?’”

Watch the clip: