poor motherhood*This is probably going to land me in the doghouse (again), but I can’t sit back and witness the decay of black youth without addressing the real problem—their mothers.

In fact, poor parenting is more than a race issue, it’s an American issue. Now that young girls are birthing children as early as pre-teen age, the art of motherhood is suffering miserably.

Combine that with cable television’s glorification of teen pregnancy and the increasing rate of single motherhood in this country, it seems virtually certain that future generations will be led waywardly.

Needless to say,  most adolescent girls aren’t fit to raise children. But more often now, many women well into adulthood continuously demonstrate inadequate parenting ability and awareness. Sisters, you are failing black children (particularly young black males). I’m not excusing black men from stepping up to the plate and being fathers to their offspring. But single or not, a mother is responsible for the growth and prosperity of her young ones. Many women with children have forgotten (or simply don’t care) about the significance of motherhood and the ramifications that poor child rearing can bring. In other words, modern moms suck. It’s time for many of you to grow up and do better.

Based in Southern California, EURweb editorial associate Cory A. Haywood is also a certified personal fitness trainer. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his websites:www.coryhaywood.webs.com and corythewriter.blogspot.com

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