Daytime talk show, "The Real" returns to TV soon!

Daytime talk show, “The Real” returns to your Living Room soon!

*Who knew? We suspected, but we didn’t know.

Now we know: Fox has greenlit a national roll-out for the daytime talk show, The Real.

The show did a “test run” this past summer, but went kaput! with no mention of a return only four weeks later. The ratings were not bad either, as the show became attractive to women in the 24-54 age range.

The ladies were bummed though, you could tell by their lackluster responses (apparently, even they didn’t know what was going to happen!)

Why oh why does TV do this to us? But hey, we’re glad they’re back. The ladies have signed a two-year contract with FOX, and the show will also have life on BET – giving it optimal viewing ability.

Frank Chicha, senior VP of Programming at FOX, says the show brought elements to the station that no other show airing could.

“The Real brought viewers a unique combination of elements that were missing from daytime, a real, multi-cultural conversation about issues that women of all ages are talking about,” said Chica. “Five hosts for the price of one — score! Seriously, we’re all looking for younger adults and this program delivered big time.”

The women on The Real reflect different nationalities and colorful personalities.  There is Tamar Braxton, the black-blonde hair bombshell, who doesn’t own a filter for her candid lips; the saucy Latina, Adrienne Bailon; and the other three members who are of Asian, African-American and German decent.

The Real will debut on 18 FOX-owned stations including bases in the major cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia in the Fall of 2014.