khloe & lamar*The day that a lot of folks said would come … has come.

When Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were first married the betting was that they wouldn’t last a year.

Well, they obviously beat those expectations because they were married in September of 2008 and it’s now December, 2013.

Yep, they had a four year run as Mr. and Mrs, but as of today, if TMZ‘s reporting is correct (and it usually is), Khloe is heading  to court to end the marriage.

The soon to-be ex Mrs Odom will be citing irreconcilable differences in her legal docs as the reason they are separating. Oh yeah, the Odom-Kardashian split shouldn’t reslly even need lawyers. That’s because an ironclad prenup kept all their assets separate. And on top of that, they have no children.

TMZ claims that Lamar Odom’s wacked out freestyle rap video (see it below) – in which he brags about cheating on Khloe – was the last straw in their crumbling relationship.  Immediately after the video was posted last month, Khloe stopped wearing her wedding ring.

But of course the bizarre freestyle video was preceded by Odom’s bizarre behavior, AKA his reported crack addiction/usage, earlier this year.

In other words, like everybody predicted, it was all just a matter of time.