waterseed*When Water Seed released Wonder Love Pt. 2 back in October, the collective knew they had grown as a unit and their sound had expanded as well, but the growth in their fan base was a surprise to the band.

Over the past eighteen months, the band had been recording both volumes in their Wonder Love series and doing mini-tours, but the response they received on their most recent trip through the Northeast has served as confirmation of the band’s direction.

Water Seed’s story is something out of a movie; a band displaced by Hurricane Katrina reconnects in Atlanta and begins to not only make music, but forge a bond that extends through its music to listeners and was evident every stop on their fall tour. Lou Hill, drummer and unofficial leader of the band credits Water Seed’s growth on their continued development as a self-contained band. It’s all coming together for Lou and the gang; they’ve connected with additional vocalists and musicians that have added to the instrumentation of their sound and are just plain having fun when recording. That fun is conveyed during the “I’m Trying” video, which finds the band riding bikes through the French Quarter.

935957_10152126210685130_950679702_nThe Wonder Love series is an exploration at love from all angles, as the band fuses jazz, funk, R&B and hip hop, along with their individual influences to deliver a sound that’s been missing in music. It’s music for music lovers, made by music lovers and that’s the key to their successful run through 2013; they’re doing what they love to do and giving people songs they can relate to. Live, Water Seed is a ball of energy that never gives the same show twice, because the energy from the audience dictates how the show runs. The improvisational climate surrounding their extended grooves and vocal extemporizations comes from the comfort level built on long jam sessions in the studio and even longer rides from Atlanta to shows throughout the country.

Having planted a flag in the Northeast, the band is looking to head South and West in 2014, as they prepare a new release for next spring or summer, but look to bring their brand of funk to California, Texas and other places where music lovers reside soon. For now, you can purchase Wonder Love 2 and their previous releases through their website (www.WaterSeedMusic.com) and ask for it at your local record store. While they’ve increased their digital presence, records stores like Sounds of Market in Philadelphia have really gotten behind their movement and fueled their momentum. It’s that momentum that provides the band with the necessary energy to perform and record at a pace that keeps the sound fresh and gives the people what they want.

Stay current with Water Seed at the aforementioned website (WaterSeedMusic.com) and via Facebook (Facebook.com/water-seed).

Water Seed – “I’m Trying”