Teacher*Shannon Gibney, a black professor at Minneapolis Community and Technical College was reprimanded for hurting the feelings of two white male students when she chose to approach the topic of structural racism in her Intro to Mass Communication class, and they decided to take it personal.

It appears the two men were simply tired of hearing about the topic of racism; so one of them interrupted her class to tell her so, and was then supported by another student who added, “It’s like people are trying to say that white men are always the villains, the bad guys. Why do we have to say this?”

Gibney tried to explain to them that she was not referring to them personally or any other white person specifically when she was talking about whiteness as a system of oppression. When it became clear her clarification was not being well-received, she hilariously quipped, “If you’re really upset, feel free to go down to legal affairs and file a racial harassment discrimination complaint.”

And they did.

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