Zimmerman eBay painting*Let’s see … cold-blooded killer: check, perpetrator of domestic violence: check, unlicensed gun and ammunition possessor: check, artist…Whoa! George Zimmerman paints…who knew?

It seems he has a favorite type of art he likes to spend his time on, too, paintings that quote the Pledge of Allegiance…Never mind the fact that he doesn’t even do this correctly: It originally reads, “One Nation, Under God, (did he intentionally leave out ‘Indivisible’) With Liberty and Justice For All,” but still, we’ll chalk it up to ‘artistic license’…

Acquitted of murder earlier this year in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, Z-man is auctioning off what he calls his “first hand painted artwork,” an 18-by 24-inch painting now available on eBay.

The painting, a blue flag shown above, started with a bid of $0.99 today. But as of press time…

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george zimmerman

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