*Beyonce just hit up her Instagram and Tumblr with a bunch of new photos.

On Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 29), Bey posted a couple of Instagram pics showing her allegedly just waking up – sans makeup.

Earlier Wednesday, the singer shared new photos of her 2-year-old on Tumblr.

Blue Ivy is seen with her famous parents during Jay Z’s 44th birthday celebration.

The rapper is shown kneeling down opposite Blue as the two smile at one another. Another never-before-seen image shows Blue hanging out with Pops during the party and wearing matching black boots.

Bey also gave fans a glimpse inside of some of her mother-daughter moments. One pic shows the toddler playing backstage at Barclays Center in Brooklyn during her dad’s concert, while another shows them walking hand-in-hand down a corridor in the arena.

Yes, that’s a Magna Carta World Tour sweatshirt Blue is sporting to support her daddy.

The only thing missing is Blue’s new gold sippy cup.

Check out the photos below.
o-BLUE-570 (1)
o-BLUE-570 (2)
o-BLUE-570 (3)
o-BLUE-570 (4)