LaRoyce Hawkins in NBC's "Chicago P.D."

LaRoyce Hawkins in NBC’s “Chicago P.D.”

*LaRoyce Hawkins is the lone cast member on NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” who is actually from the Windy City.

The actor originated his role of Officer Kevin Atwater on “Chicago Fire” before it spun off into a police version this season. With news Friday that the Peacock is ordering two additional episodes of “P.D.” to bring its freshman total to 15, Hawkins can enjoy at least a little more time working in his own backyard – particularly with the real Chicago cops who serve as show advisors.

“They’ve really just been very open in helping us reflect them the best way that we can, because they don’t want to look bad either,” Hawkins told EURweb. “So they’re doing the best to make sure that we look good.”

CHICAGO P.D.: LaRoyce Hawkins (R) in the episode "Thirty Ballons," airing Feb. 5, 2014

CHICAGO P.D.: LaRoyce Hawkins (R) in the episode “Thirty Ballons,” airing Feb. 5, 2014

Executive producer Dick Wolf, who set all of his “Law & Order” shows in New York, was looking for fresh soil to grow his latest product. Also, FX’s critically acclaimed drama “Rescue Me” was set in a New York City firehouse, and Wolf didn’t want to risk viewers comparing his show to Denis Leary’s series.

“I didn’t want to put it in New York because ‘Rescue Me’ had just gone off and I thought that would be a big mistake because the two shows were 180 degrees different,”  Wolf told TV critics in Pasadena earlier this month. “They were both firefighters and that was the only connection. So I didn’t want New York creeping in in any kind of negative way.

“Also, the values that are espoused in ‘Fire’ are true kind of all American values that are almost a little too homespun for either coast.”

Hawkins, who co-starred in the feature film “The Express,” talks about the importance of “Chicago P.D.” reflecting both the positive and negative sides of the city.

Listen below.

“Chicago P.D.” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC. Below, watch a trailer for the next episode, airing Feb. 5.