*Oprah isn’t the only TV host celebrating a birthday this week.

Ellen DeGeneres marked her 56th year on the planet with a birthday party on Thursday’s episode of her talk show, and decided to unveil her new Super Bowl ad for the occasion.

“I shot a commercial during that will air during the Super Bowl this weekend. It’s for the Beats Music app, which is something that I absolutely love. It is a music app on your phone that helps you make personalized playlists,” says Ellen, whose birthday was on Jan. 26.

“You know how on other music apps you can pick a song and then all of a sudden all these other songs don’t even go with it? Beats has a play list and its picked by real people – like me! I have some songs that I’ve curated on there, I have a few lists. Also you can tell it where you are, how you are feeling and it makes exactly the right playlist for the place you are,” she explains.

“I love the app and I had so much fun shooting the commercial. You’re really not meant to see it until the Super Bowl — but its my birthday and its my show, so I get to do what I want.

“That’s what they get for loaning it to me. So here it is for the first time,” the talk show host says.

Watch the full clip below. The spot premieres on Sunday, Feb. 2 during the Super Bowl.